Leeds Food Assembly’s nearly there..

Facebook-opening2There are at the minute 116 people signed up. The target is minimum 150-200 members to be able to prep/ plan the launch, so another 50 people will reach the bar, though the team are confident of reaching around 300. This can ensure a decent footfall and online orders within the first weeks/ months.

Leeds Food Assembly

In a nutshell

The Assembly is a weekly meet up between local food producers and local residents. Members pick up the food they’ve purchased on the website and chat/ spend some time with their neighbors, producers and the host. The goal of the Assembly is essentially to educate the locals on healthy food, knowing what they are eating and where it comes from, buying from and supporting the local producers and of course, doing something about climate change (not buying food coming over from abroad, supporting sustainable agriculture, reducing food waste…).

The Venue

Run by Dan Palmer,

The Grub & Grog at Sheaf St. Cafeteria

Address → 3 Sheaf Street, LS10 1HD, Leeds

Collection time

5-7pm/ Every Wednesday.

Launch date

TBC – only when all producers will have registered on the site and when we reach 150-200 members signed up (116 members as of 30/10/2017)

The host

Anne-Claire Blanvillain, 27 years old, French, Digital Marketing Consultant by trade, training to be a certified Nutritional Therapist.

The producers

Covering all essentials food items (bread, gluten free, meat, fish, eggs, dairy, fruits, veggies + some extras like honey, micro greens, olive oil, preserves…)

The members

We need 150 minimum to be able to start prepping for the launch party. We have 110 at the minute so very close. My target however is to reach 300 so we can get decent footfall/ online orders from the get go. Some producers have mentioned in their posts already that we need members to sign up in order to open, it seems to work quite well. But feel free to talk about whatever aspect of the Assembly resonate the most with your brand and your audience.

Useful Links/ Social handles

Food Assembly Page – to sign up


bit.ly/2ulO6Z6 (best for social posts as it’s shorter, best for Twitter)