A Tool Kit for Leeds Food Growers – see the link buttons.

In Leeds, people grow food in private gardens, allotments, community gardens, market gardens and on farms around the city. 

Increasing numbers are now sharing gardens or growing on public land, and the council are even encouraging people to grow food in parks. Then there’s container growing in yards and alleys, on roofs, walls and even indoors. 

We hope this check list will help you to navigate through an expanding range of possibilities.

We can’t promise chapter and verse, but we do hope to get you started, and point you towards some reliable further information without favour.

Why grow your own produce?

  • to enjoy cheap, healthy and tasty food
  • to have your own secure supply
  • to be able to know exactly what you’re eating
  • for exercise and a more healthy outdoor lifestyle
  • to feel better in yourself (gardening is good for the soul)!
  • to cut down on food waste, packaging, food miles, farm chemicals and other unsustainable practices
  • to meet and work with like-minded people
  • to learn useful skills for yourself, your friends and your family
  • to share, swap and maybe even sell your excess produce
  • to perhaps develop a small business, charity or community interest company

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Thanks are due to Dr Chiara Tornaghi who is preparing a paper on Urban Food Justice in Leeds which will be available for download here once completed, and to the 15 or so Feed Leeds connections who made significant contributions to these pages.