The Feed Leeds Committee are:

  • Adam Ogilvie (Meanwood Valley Urban Farm) – Chair
  • Sarah-Jane Mason (LESSN & Royal Horticultural Society) Co Secretary
  • Rachael Fox (Leeds Repair Café) Co Secreatary
  • Sonja Woodcock (VAL, Sustainable Food Cities co-ordinator) – Treasurer
  • Luke Justice (LPN, MVUF, Green Action Co-op etc.)
  • Sue Ottley-Hughes (Friends of Stank Hall Barn) – Archeology
  • Caroline Scott (Bardon Grange/Rooted & Hungry Fungi)
  • Marie-Pierre Dupont (REAP, LCC Housing and ex Back to Front) – Land
  • Sarah Priestly (Chapel Allerton In Bloom and LCC Leeds 2023)
  • Rosie Hall (Leeds Allotments Federation)
  • Rosie Atkins (LESSN, Leeds Rotters)
  • Ama Chaney (Grow to School and LESSN)
  • Becky Mears (Incredible Edible Airborough and Season Well)
  • Camille Thomas (Space 2 / Fork to Fork)
  • Paul Magnall (Rainbow Junction and Leeds Rotters)
  • Dorota Hajdukiewicz (Growing Better)
  • Dan Robinson (Incredible Edible Garforth)
  • Roger Plumtree (Kirkstall Valley Farm)
  • James Harrison (Patchwork Farm)

The committee work closely with a larger informal Advisory Group, which includes LCC councillors and officers, representatives of Connected organisations and other interested parties. Anyone sharing the aims of Feed Leeds qualifies to become a Connection, and meetings are open to the public. There’s a mailing list for minutes and other approved mail-outs. 

These former officers are still in the Advisory Group and are usually happy to help too

  • Martin Hemingway (Leeds Green Party) ex vice chair
  • Paul Ackroyd (Meanwood Valley Urban Farm)  
  • Damian Nicholls, Farm Co-ordination.
  • Peter Foulston (ex Leeds Urban Harvest) ex Vice Chair
  • Rob Moores (Growing Better and Passion for Plants) ex Secretary
  • Prof Les Firbank (Chair of Sustainable Agriculture, University of Leeds)
  • Trish Cliff (, ex Bardon Grange)
  • Pete Tatham (LPN, Hyde Park Source, Hungry Fungi & Leeds Coppice)
  • Alan Thornton (Leeds Urban Harvest and HBB Orchard Project) ex Chair
  • Mandy Long (St Steven’s Well Community Garden) ex LESSN
  • Andy Goldring (LPN & Permaculture UK) ex Chair & Vice Chair
  • John Preston (TCV) – ex Vice Chair
  • Nigel Jones (LESSN & REAP) ex Chair
  • Paul Long (Incredible Edible Kirkstall)
  • Niels Corfield (LPN, Edible Cities) ex Treasurer
  • Dr Chiara Tornaghi (Urban Food Justice) ex Secretary
  • Joanne Clough (LCC P&C) ex Chair
  • Emma Trickett (LCC P&C) ex Secretary
  • Joe Foster (Leeds Allotments Federation)

Anyone interested in joining the Committee, becoming a Connection / member of the Advisory Group, or being added to the mailing list if you prefer direct emails to the Google group, please contact us.