See Foodwise Leeds Research pages for Feed Leeds scientific research.

Feed Leeds has been involved in research ever since it was formed. Initially this was led by Dr Chiara Tornaghi through her Urban Food Justice platform, however Chiara is no longer based in Leeds. Informal research continued via the Feed leeds Think Tank, and there has been a continuing strand of design research, based at Leeds Beckett University, led by Tom Bliss.

The Permaculture Association also conducts regular research, sometimes in collaboration with Leeds City Council, who also work with University of Leeds. Useful papers include Merriman 2011: (Enhancing the understanding of how food security/resilience can be improved for the city of Leeds), and Mendes 2013: (Cultivating Food Sustainability: Envisioning a sustainable foodshed for Leeds). Feed Leeds carried out a Food Audit for LCC in 2016 (Final Report), which led directly to the creation of Leeds Food Partnership, and then FoodWise Leeds. References for the Food Audit include the lapsed Leeds Food Strategy 2006-2010 and our deputation to LCC with supporting documents and LCC response are here.

In 2019 Feed Leeds initiated a major initiative with The Leeds Climate Commission Resilience Working Group and FoodWise Leeds, which led to a series of workshops which are on-going. The first, ‘Enabling a climate resilient food system in Leeds that promotes health, sustainability and food security’, took place in December 2019, and the second ”Pathway for a climate-resilient, healthy and sustainable Leeds Food System’ took place in September 2020. Both workshops informed the development of a Policy Brief, which was submitted to Leeds City Council Climate Emergency Action Committee on 22 09 20. (Workshop reports and more can be accessed on the FoodWise Leeds research page).

These Leeds Beckett student projects for Leeds Edible Campus illustrate what could be done in Leeds. There are more student ideas and live proposals at KEEP.

Urban Agriculture Report:

Sammie Strickland

Monument Moor Temporary Farm

An innovative use for the eastern half of Woodhouse Moor, aka Hyde Park

Rachel Forbes Temporary Urban Agriculture Final

Rachel Forbes 


Yes, we’re all going to have to learn to eat insects soon. Yum.

The Grubbies

Edible Bowling Greens – Healing Veg

Crown green bowling is not as popular as it used to be – what to do with those green squares? (There’s another idea here)

Jill Broeckel

Edible Wetland

New thinking for Meanwood Valley Urban Farm

Chris Leather

Edible Wetland Research Project

Edible Roof Gardens (on LUU Building)

All those flat roofs need to become productive

Phil Mason

Formal Bedding Veg and Orchard

Floral bedding is traditional in parks – how to make an edible alternative?

Charlotte Dean

Sacha Gigant and Yana Georgie – Edible School

Edible Campus – Julie Hryniow and Sroboshi Das

Edible Roof Gardens (on LUU Building) – Phil Mason

Midgley Gardens Linn Svanh (with Martina Maria Taroni and Marc Bori)

An innovative use for the eastern half of Woodhouse Moor, aka Hyde Park

Wet and Edible Links – Map Pin 15 – George Payiatis

More new thinking for Meanwood Valley

Hospitals and Habitats – Map Pin 17 – Katie Ruffles

This is actually St James, but could be applied to the LGI (which is part of the campus)