Project: Little Veg (and Seed) Libraries / Leeds Hedge Veg

These projects are linked with Sow A Row Xtra

See the map in full frame here.


Little Veg Libraries (LVLs) are permanently-mounted stalls at prominent sites where seedlings, surplus locally-grown veg, seeds, recipes and more (including compost) can be shared.

LVL stalls made to the Feed Leeds design will be distributed as and when funding and/or volunteer time are available. We are grateful to Horsforth Shed for kindly agreeing to make some LVLs – watch this space!

Or you can make your own – see below for more design ideas, anything suitable will do!

We can supply a stencil, then once installed we’ll list yours on the map – please do let us know when you are up and running so we can list your library on the map.

Thanks to Neil Hollingworth from North Leeds Joinery for the prototype design and build, and Leeds Community Foundation for funding. The pink Chapel Allerton one was funded by Stoneacre Properties and made by The Leeds Woodcrafters – 3 generations of local joiners. It will soon feature text painted by Kieran of Third Eye Signs. What will yours look like?

People are also installing Little Seed Libraries. These tend to be indoors this the ones below in Seacroft, but all things are possible!

Leeds Hedge Veg is a more informal network of places where surplus veg is available for free or very cheaply – usually from boxes or a basic stall in a hedge or on a wall. These are shown on the map – which also shows the Xchange sites for Sow a Row XtraContact us to register a Hedge Veg site.