Sow a Row Xtra / Little Veg Libraries

These projects are linked under the #getgrowingleeds banner – see the map in full frame, HERE.

1) Sow a Row Xtra (SowX) asks people to grow a few extra seedlings, and then donate these to people who are keen to grow veg but unable to start from seed for one reason or another. SowX consists of:

A) A confidential list of SowX Sowers – or you can just take yours to a Drop-off site. Click here to join in. Download the Flier HERE and Instructions HERE . If you are growing seeds for SowX, HERE is a list of veg that people have asked for (feel free to suggest others, or grow what you like). Please harden-off and label your seedlings before bringing to a Drop-off or Xchange site, thanks!

B) Drop off (only) and Xchange Sites (drop off and collect) – see the MAP above. Take seedlings and/or seeds, compost, trays, pots, plugs etc to either. Collect from Xchange Sites only. Please contact before visiting to avoid a wasted journey. Contact us to offer a site.

2) Growing Friendship is working with Season WellLASSN and others to provide seedlings, boxes of tools and training workshops for asylum seekers, refugees and people in food hardship, and also finding places where they can plant and harvest their SowX seedlings. Some Xchange sites may provide similar Friendship to all comers (just ask if you need) – surplus resources will be found a good home somewhere. See Growing Friendship Facebook.

3) Little Veg Libraries (LVLs) are permanently-mounted stalls at prominent sites where seedlings, surplus locally-grown veg, seeds, recipes and more can be shared. LVL stalls made to the Feed Leeds design will be distributed if and when funding and/or volunteer time are available. Better still, make your own – see below for more design ideas. We can supply a stencil, then once installed we’ll list yours on the map.

Thanks to Neil Hollingworth from North Leeds Joinery for the prototype design and build, and Leeds Community Foundation for funding. The pink Chapel Allerton one was funded by Stoneacre Properties and made by The Leeds Woodcrafters – 3 generations of local joiners. It will soon feature text painted by Kieran of Third Eye Signs. What will yours look like?

4) Leeds Hedge Veg (LHV). Also shown on the map are the locations of all the other places where veg is available for free or very cheaply. Contact us to register a Hedge Veg site.