New Forum for school food growers

LESSN has launched a new e-mail-based forum.!forum/lessnchat

“With spring in the air we thought it was finally time to create a simple way for everyone interested in growing food in Leeds schools to communicate directly with each other. So here it is: LESSNchat will, we hope, provide grower-to-grower moral and practical support wherever you are in Leeds – along the journey to a great school growing project. We’ve people already running projects (volunteers, teachers, assistants, senior team, caretakers, caterers, parents, governors – all welcome) who have experience to share, we’ve people wanting to start schemes (some are complete beginners – but keen to learn), we’ve expert growers not currently involved with schools but happy to offer advice, and we’ve people from various organisations that can help in various ways. So, please join the group – tell anyone you know who may be interested to join up too (I’s hard to reach teachers, so please email any you know – and let’s get growing!”