Allotments: A Taste of home.

Allotments give migrants to Britain a way to preserve memories and traditions from ‘home’ while adapting to their new surroundings, recent Leeds Beckett University research has shown.

Green fingers help preserve traditions

The study, by Leeds Beckett researchers Dr Natalia Gerodetti and Sally Foster and published inLandscape Research, looked at the role that growing fruit and vegetables had in the lives of first-generation migrants many of whom were allotment holders or gardeners in the city of Leeds.

“We wanted to look at what people grew and what those crops meant to them, whether they were foods from ‘home’ or from ‘here’,” explained Dr Gerodetti. “We also wanted to look at how the cultivation of food affected people’s involvement in wider social and cultural networks.”

Full story:–green-fingers-help-preserve-traditions/

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